Downloading Help



Step 1:  Connect the USB cable to the Headset's USB port and to your computer's USB port.


The SupeLife Machine system is designed for maximum flexibility and ease of use. Downloading programs is a key part of the system because it enables users to download and store a large number of programs in their accounts, and load programs into their headset as needed.


Step 2:  Go to the website and select DOWNLOADS from the PRODUCTS drop-down menu,(Go to Step 6 if you have purchased your Program.)



Step 4: Add the program to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout.



Step 3: You are taken to the SuperLife Machine PROGRAMS page. Click on a Category and select a Program.




Step 6: After completing your purchase, login to your SuperLife Account (An account is automatically opened for you after your purchase. Check your email for instructions.) Then click My Downloads to download your program.


Step 5: Click Checkout Now and complete your purchase.

Step 7: Select the Program you want to download

Step 8: Click to download your program.

Step 9: Follow the instructions in the dialogue box and save your program to your computer

Step 10: To load programs into your Headset, plug your Headset (via USB cable) into your computer’s USB port. Open the Headset’s desktop icon, and drop the program(s) into the icon’s folder. (Make sure the SD Card is inserted into the Headset’s SD Card slot.)