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  • SuperShape System
    SuperShape System
    SuperShape System
    SuperShape System

    4 part program

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    The Supershape System Embeds The Habits To Create a Healthy and Slender Body


    "Eat great food and lose weight”"is the message of this transformational optimum health and nutrition system. Designed and hosted by Registered Dietician and Health & Wellness consultant Kim Jordan, the SuperShape System gives you the tools you need to maintain optimum health, wellness, and your ideal body weight.


    You will learn:


    - The critical Super Foods for boosting your immune system.

    - How eating multiple meals decreases hunger and increases energy.

    - The keys to burning calories  - even at rest.

    - How adding raw fruits, nuts, and vegetables to your diet dramatically reverses the aging process.

    - And much more…





  • Healing Music Series
    Healing Music Series
    Healing Music Series
    Healing Music Series

    The eight Healing Music soundtracks include: Healing Dreams, Emotional Well-Being, Inner Harmony Tune-Up, Radiant Health, Peaceful Sleep, Dream Therapy, Inner Child Healing, and Spiritual Healing.

    Healing Music: The power of sound to heal


    Directing the power of music to heal; the emotional body is the secret of this series


    Listen to certain forms of music and you feel a profound shift at the very core of your being. The spiritual leaders of ancient cultures understood this on an intuitive level. "Musical medicine" was a universal source of wellness, goodness, wholeness, and holiness. Combining advanced sound processing techniques, contemporary sounds and textures and sacred music used in ancient healing rituals, these powerful compositions are designed to promote wellness, emotional centeredness and spiritual awakening. We researched this idea and adapted certain musical forms into an incredibly beautiful series of sacred sounds and musical textures. Because these soundtracks are very different from the Ultra Meditation and Transcendental Mind Library, you'll be able to use your Healing Music programs in conjunction with your other soundtracks



    (Item H1100 $60)

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