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Programming a Millionaire's Mind

Taking the mindscriptng technology further The Millionaire's Mind adds a neuro mapping process to implant new beliefs about wealth and prosperity

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Supercharge Your Brain For Success

How the SuperLife Machine works to zap stress & reprogram negative self-sabotaging behavior.


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Article By Dane Spotts


I'VE SPENT THE LAST 30 YEARS searching for tools that could shift the energies of consciousness, and unfold a state of enlightened awareness. What I'm about to reveal may be the simplest, most powerful technology for unleashing the hidden powers of the human mind.


A Vacation in 28 Minutes


Listen: I did everything in the 80's and 90's.  From retreats to sensory

deprevation tanks. But none of it prepared me for the mind-blowing experiences of the SuperLife Machine(tm). A cool looking, lightweight

headset -- I flipped it on and wooosh -  I was gone!

My body became extremely

relaxed. My arms and legs felt

numb. I began to experience new

things. I started having a long

conversation with a voice inside my

head, feeling vivid memories and a

flood of creative ideas. It seemed as if

my mind and body were in two separate places. Words can hardly describe it but it was like taking a 2-week vacation in 28 minutes.


Perhaps one of the great untold discoveries of our time is the knowledge of how to manipulate the energies of consciousness - to unleash the true potential of a human being. For thousands of years the only way to achieve a state of enlightened awareness was through meditation. That's where this new audio technology steps in. And the results are confirming what the ancient masters have intuitively known for centuries. And that is this... Sitting in a cave chanting or staring at a candle focusing your consciousness --driving it inward - shifts the energy in your brain, eventually unfolding a state of enlightened awareness.


Zen Monks & Firewalking Yogis














For those new to meditation it is very difficult to grasp the concept that our so-called 'normal' waking state is neither the highest, nor the most effective state of which the human mind is capable. That in fact, there are other states of much greater awareness where one is able to enter into for brief periods of time, and then return - enriched and enlivened. It is widely known by science that only a small part of our total mental activity takes place in the conscious part of the mind. Science has no idea what really goes on in the vast portion of unconscious. This is unknown territory. What we do know is that those who make direct contact with their unconscious mind through meditation, find incredible personal insight and are able to remove self-limiting blocks that prevent them from achieving their goals and finding happiness in life. This is why people spend years studying meditation practices. To empty the mind so higher knowledge can be revealed to them, to reach higher states of consciousness, to access deep mystical truths, unlock the mysteries of the universe, and to unfold a state of enlightened awareness.


The difficulty with traditional meditation practices is it takes years of concentrated effort to train your brain to redirect its energy into optimal patterns. But there is a way to access higher states of consciousness, without being an expert in meditation. A way to drive your brain into an altered state - automatically, at the push of a button. If you're skeptical, I understand. However, I wouldn't ask you to make this leap of faith without proving it to yourself and basing your answers on actual personal experience. That's why the SuperLife Machine was developed and all you have to do is experience it yourself to know that it works.







28 Minutes To a Supercharged Brain



Experienced meditators, such as yogis and mystics, spend a majority of their life learning to control these physiological responses. After years of practice, they develop an ability to tap into the unconscious portions of their minds and unleash creative and mental powers that cannot be accessed in their normal waking state. We've all heard and read about firewalking yogis who can walk across a bed of burning coals at temperatures that should have reduced their feet to smoldering stumps, yet at the end of their walk, they suffer not so much as a blister.


How To Program a Millionaire's Mind


Just as certain forms of music can affect your mood, specific sound frequencies played in just the right combinations can alter consciousess and unfold states of profound relaxation in just minutes.  This is a powerful technology for shifting the energies of consciousness. The audio matrix is subsonic - so you don't actually hear it, but you sure feel it. What you do hear (depending on the program) are the sounds of an underground stream.  Tibetan bells and angelic voices. It's wierd but it feels like angels are flying around inside your skull.


This 3-D effect is created because the sounds are spatially

delivered into your brain.
























When you finish a session your entire body feels charged with a new

energy and vitality. Fears and anxieties are gone. You feel renewed, more alert, and mentally on top of the world. As I describe in my book Super Brain Power: 28 Minutes to a Supercharged Brain; "it's the ability to facilitate whole-brain synchrony entirely through applying certain harmonics and sound frequencies to specific brain areas, mood can be shifted, 'right brain' awareness activated, and whole brain synchrony promoted."


There is something even more profound that we discovered in our 30 years of research.  That when you are in these specfic altered brain states. a window is opened into your unconscious mind, and your are more receptive to learning and psychological programming. This is an extremely powerful idea because it means you have the power to rewire negative beliefs about yourself and learn new things at an accelerated rate.


Its been known for some time, that our personal reality oftens mirrors our innner programming which is scripted into our personality.  The idea that we co-create the world we experience based on how we think is nothing new.  However how do you change that negative programming. No matter how much we might tell ourseves we want a different reality and try to alter our doesn't work because our internal programming drives us. This is why success motivation books and seminars are usually not effective. What's needed is a technology that bypasses the conscious mind and works directly with the subconscious to rescript negative beleifs about money, body image, health and success - or whatever area you need to work on. Then your subconscious auto-pilot steers your life in the direction you want to go.


Brain Supercharger & Millionaire's Mind


We've developed several programs and processes using this concept of inner mind programming that you can use with your SuperLife Machine. The Brain Supercharger incorporates a powerful matrix with specific programming to rewire negative emotions and self-sabotaging beliefs in specific areas you want to manage.  The Millionaire's Mind which is an advancement of that technology - uses a unique mind mapping technique that teaches your subconscious auto-pilot to link winning feelings with success actions.  You can read more about both the Brain Supercharger and  Millionaire's Mind programs here



Evolving Consciousness Is The Mission


It's going to sound a bit flaky perhaps, but it's the absolute truth. My mission is to share this technology with the world. I believe something very big is happening. An explosion of consciousness that could lead to the evolution of our species. I strongly believe psycho-technologies like this can play a role in that transformation. But be prepared for your life to experience some extreme possibilities as you open you mind to pure consciousess. When you order your SuperLife Machine you can choose from a variety of programs or start out with  a Basic Kit which comes with a powerful meditation system to get you started. Which ever package you choose you are automatically a member of the SuperLife Club where you can download dozens of free programs. To find out more about getting a free 30-day trial and all the benefits of being a member go to the order page here.


How It Changes Your Brain & Reprograms Negative Beliefs and Self-Sabotaging Behavior