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Below are a list of programs you can immediately download into your SuperLife Machine. There are many FREE programs available when you sign-up for a SuperLife Club account



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All programs are sold as downloads for your SuperLife Machine


  • X-Mind Series (Experimental Use Only)
    X-Mind Series (Experimental Use Only)
    X-Mind Series (Experimental Use Only)

    3 extreme programs are in this mind-blowing mediation series. Quantanium: "Cosmic Energy Tap" Infineon: "Suspended Animation" Neuroin: "Ultimate Mind Trip" Each carry the limited release warning conditon.

    (Item M1000 $50)

    The New X-Mind Experimental Programs Carry Warning

    Because of the experimental nature of these programs, and because we didn¹t know what the long-term effects on a user would be, we never considered releasing an X-Mind program to the general public.until now with the following agreement: The user agrees to the following conditions:


    The User:

    - is an experienced user of personal development systems;

    - will consult with a physician regarding personal use of audio-based personal development systems;

    - is not suffering from any form of mental illness, heart disease, or any other medical condition that may conflict with the use of these programs;

    - is not taking prescribed medication(s) that may conflict with the use of these programs;

    -  takes complete responsibility for the use of these programs and holds SuperLife, its agents, or representatives harmless for any and all effects caused by the use of these programs.


    We called them X-Mind programs because their technology settings were specified in the extreme range. During the testing phase of any new program, we needed to determine its effective limits. In other words, we needed to know the range of a technology's effectiveness; from minimal to extreme. Once we knew its range, we could then adjust the appropriate settings based on a program's intended use. For example, a product designed for stress reduction would require different settings than a success conditioning program.



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    "Oh my God! It felt like a lightening bolt shot straight down my spine. There's no way we can sell this... they'd lock us up and throw away the key!"  A Zygon - Mind Research Laboratory Team member's reaction to an X-Mind experimental program.


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  • Dream Journey (Induction Series)
    Dream Journey (Induction Series)
    Dream Journey (Induction Series)

    (Scheduled Release: 2/1/12)


    Dream Induction - Inception Technology



    Many people are searching for deeper meaning in their lives. They are looking for more out of existence than simply adapting to society and living functionally. They want the inner fulfillment of living an authentic, creative life connected to something more.


    Welcome to Dream Journeys for the SuperLife Machin - a unique program designed to stimulate profound “dream states” and help guide you to your personal objectives.


    Utilizing the SuperLife Machine™’s powerful HD quality audio, the Dream

    Journeys program promotes vivid dreaming using a proven technology for inducing deep meditative states.