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  • Tempo Tuner - Perfect Swing Golf Trainer
    Tempo Tuner - Perfect Swing Golf Trainer
    Tempo Tuner - Perfect Swing Golf Trainer

    Tempo Tuner Creates The Perfect Swing

    Every golf pro will tell you, "smooth,consistent swing tempo is the key to playing the game well." However, most pros will also tell you, "there really is no simple way to smooth your tempo."  Until now...


    The TempoTuner eliminates the erratic timing in your swing and replaces it with smooth, even tempo. Just put on your SuperLife Machine

    Headset, select a program, then listen and swing to the music while key words gently guide you through the movements of your swing. Instantly, you feel the “smoothing effect” of the program. You feel relaxed, less anxious, and your natural instinct is to swing in sync with the soundtrack.


    The result: a smooth swing and a solid golf shot.


    (10) TempoTuner® tracks include:


    (3) Full Swing

    (3) Pitching

    (2) Chipping

    (2) Bunker Play


    (Item T1000 $40)   (Available January 2012)




  • Optimum Performance Series
    Optimum Performance Series
    Optimum Performance Series

    If you have a special interest in this please email our Creative Director

    This Amazing Program is Still Being Prepped For Download To Your SuperLife Machine Sometime in January.


    Please do let us know you are interested in this, and we will make certain you get it for a much reduced cost. I promised you will not be dissappointed.



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