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  • Brain Supercharger Mind Lab
    Brain Supercharger Mind Lab
    Brain Supercharger Mind Lab
    Brain Supercharger Mind Lab

    12 Titles in the Library 1. Ultra Success Conditioning, 2. Ultra Weight Control, 3. Winning Personality/Self-Image, 4. Attract Wealth & Prosperity, 5. Soaring Self-Confidence, 6. Mastering Stress, 7. Unleash Creativity, 8. Super Memory/ Accelerated Learning, 9. Sports Performance, 10. Improve Love Relationships, 11. Super Immunity/Health, 12. Enhanced Psychic Awareness

    28 Minutes To a Supercharged Brain


    12 amazing titles teach you how to zap stress, boost brainpower, & unleash the awesome powers of your "inner" mind. It's been called, "The most phenomenal discovery of the decade."


    This breakthrough technology alters consciousness opening a doorway into your subconscious to rewire negative self-sabotaging beliefs. Using a powerful combination of sound frequencies and special audio effects, your body becomes extremely relaxed as your mind is driven inward and fed a steady flow of psychic energy.  Dr. Cory, author of a double blind study reports, "Daily usage seems to have a profound effect on the mental functioning of its listener...the Brain Supercharger appears to alter the personality of its users in essentially positive and life-enhancing ways."


    (Item S1000 $125)

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  • The Millionaire's Mind - Wealth Conditioning System
    The Millionaire's Mind - Wealth Conditioning System
    The Millionaire's Mind - Wealth Conditioning System
    The Millionaire's Mind - Wealth Conditioning System



    6 neuro - mapping titles each with a unique Programmer and Activator track. Titles include:Attract Wealth, Winning Personality,Time Managment, Confidence, Creativity, and Success Motivation.

    (Item S1100 $100)

    Program a Millionaire's Mind Using Neuro Mapping


    Programmed your personal "winning feelings" and linked them to the musical cues in the program, you can activate your "millionaire’s mind" whenever you need to project a winning image, self-confidence and personal power. Experiment with it on...sales calls, company meetings, brainstorming sessions, business negotiations, sport performance, even romance.


    Have you ever heard a song on the radio (perhaps a golden oldie) that is linked in your mind with positive memories in your past? Like your high school prom...or the first time you fell in love. The event doesn’t really matter... just how you felt about it. Now... every time you hear that tune no matter what your current mood is, it instantly transports you back in you relive those positive memories and emotions, and feel the empowerment well up inside you. If you’ve ever experienced those powerful "winning feelings" you know what I’m talking about. That’s the underlying premise of the Millionaire’s Mind—Wealth Conditioning System. A breakthrough in personal achievement technology designed to link positive emotions with sound and music, to condition your mind for success.


    Here’s how it works. Track 1 is your programming tool. You’ll learn how to train your mind using the neuro-mapping process—to create and link positively charged emotions with specific success actions and behaviors. Imprinting the essence of a "millionaire’s mind" into your subconscious. Then use Track 2 to activate those "winning feelings," and trigger emotions and attitudes that stimulate your "millionaire’s mind" into action.


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  • Photographic Mind
    Photographic Mind
    Photographic Mind
    Photographic Mind

    Innovative 5 step interactive learning technique, guides you through 16 fun lessons that teach a simple system for remembering names & faces, dates and times, facts & figures, speeches, even counting cards

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    The Photographic Mind System For Super Memory Transformation


    Based on the new holographic model of the brain, and using revolutionary brain boosting technology on the companion Brain Supercharger CD, The Photographic Mind teaches you how to re-map your memory input and retrieval systems. 14 interactive memory training workshops use simple fun techniques to teach you four time proven memory systems. No other audio workshop, seminar, or book gives you the powerful multiple mind technologies of The Photographic Mind System. This book & CD teach how to master your memory along with...


    - No more memorizing ever!

    - Enjoy instant recall of everything you see and hear!

    - Discover vast untapped memory powers!

    - Awaken the hidden power of your whole brain!

    - Train your imagination to open your memory floodgates!

    - Master four time proven memory systems!

    - Throw away your appointment book and use your photographic mind to remember birthdays, appointments and other important dates!

    -  Remember every new person you meet!

    - Recall names and faces, cards, numbers, and appointments without ever writing them down!



  • Triggers - Instant Motivation System
    Triggers - Instant Motivation System
    Triggers - Instant Motivation System
    Triggers - Instant Motivation System



    8 Motivation breakthroughs in 11 program sessions retrain your brain and allow you to prime your mind to think more creatively, solve problems in a snap, and apply new information quickly.

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    Triggers: Instant Motivation System


    So what is a trigger? A trigger is a powerful pre-established mental reflex which is the foundation for all the self-motivation techniques used in the TRIGGERS course. It's also extremely simple to use. You can create your personal trigger in just a few minutes from the instructions provided in the workshop.


    A few minutes is all it takes for you to create a "trigger" - the powerful mental reflex that is the foundation for all programming techniques in this course. Whether you want to market your creative talents, make a difficult career move, or even go on a diet, when you use your "trigger," you'll never have to push yourself to get motivated! Master new skills and challenges using the same technique Olympic champions have used to insure peak performances. In seven easy steps, you can use the mental blueprint technique not only to master new skills speedily, but to take on the winning ways of those you admire most.




  • Super Vocabulary
    Super Vocabulary
    Super Vocabulary
    Super Vocabulary

    Super Vocabulary includes 22 powerful mind lessons, plus workbook that

    teaches teaches you how to connect with a family of words by learning their meaning through a prefix, suffix, or root. Each lesson teaches 25 new words. Master each lesson and you’ll learn up to 50 new words in a hour.




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    Powerful Strategy Teaches You To Recognize Thousands of New Words


    Imagine being able to improve your speaking and writing skills by possessing a wider vocabulary. Words you’ll be able to use in power meetings with a CEO or professor. Or words you can have at your mental fingertips in casual conversation with someone you’d like to know better.


    Unlike other vocabulary building programs that teach you words one by one, Super Vocabulary teaches you how to connect with families of words so you can recognize thousands of new words. This powerful learning strategy can save you time from having to look up words, and the embarrassment of asking someone the meaning of a word they just used. Whether it's for school, business, or social settings, having a Super Vocabulary gives you the word power when you need it  -  to open new worlds of opportunity. Masterfully produced, each of the 22 lessons teaches 25 words, for 500 words total. Since the average person has command of only a few hundred words, you should gain a tremendous advantage over your peers.