The SuperLife Machine™
It's a Meditation Machine, a Success Programming Machine, and a Learning One Device

This short clip is from a TV show segment with user testimonials on using the Brain Supercharger. (one of the kits packaged with your SuperLife Machine .

What Others Are Saying...



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"...what I can only describe as a body orgasm."


"It's the most fantastic higher consciousness tool I have ever come across. During my first session, I experienced what I can only describe as a body orgasm. My entire body was tingling and warm and I felt I was going to levitate at any moment. I also had an overwhelming feeling that something profound was happening to me. I can't describe how wonderful I felt. ...I hope the entire human race can be turned on to these tapes because I think it would totally transform the world."  - D.O.

"...path of enlightenment"


"I have been on the path to enlightenment since the 60's. I have used many different tapes and attended many seminars, trainings, etc. Until listening to your [system] the only tapes that I could achieve a Theta state were the Monroe Institute tapes. But yours are much more powerful. No need to go through mental exercises or countdowns - just lay back, relax and there I am–Theta bound. What a joy!" - D.M.

"...path of enlightenment"


"In those 28 minutes, they do indeed give me a complete meditation, and you're so is like a vacation. At the risk of sounding corny, I like to think of your programs as my 'mind spa'...they take me firmly by the mind and lead me gently to a fabulous resort on the outskirts of time and space." - R.G.

"...thank you."


"I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much fun your Ultra Meditation has been. I have meditated for about 15 years and had attained the 'mind awake body asleep' state only occasionally. I'm referring to a deep "Floating" state here. With Ultra II I have been going in regularly and have learned to find that bodily feeling even without [it]. I count Ultra II as the key for me to have stored the memory of deep meditation so as to be able to go back to that state at will. It is truly a great teacher and guide to meditation. Thank you." - R.W.

"...the most important purchase I have ever made."


" I received my Ultra Meditation System earlier this last week and have used the first CD four times. This is probably the single most important purchase I have ever made or will ever make! Thank you!"  - M.S.

"...your system is exceptional."


"I am delighted to say your system is exceptional. In the two weeks since beginning listening, I'm happy to say my mental and physical experience of calmness is truly appreciated. As you mentioned in your perceptive book, my emotions are currently a bit of a roller-coaster ride. However, with confidence, I can state that this temporary flux is a growing and healing condition; that will resolve itself harmoniously. Thank you." - B. H.